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eKuiper's strength lies not just in its core functionalities but also in how effortlessly it integrates with various platforms. This chapter offers a clear guide on how eKuiper collaborates with diverse ecosystems, ensuring users can maximize the potential of real-time data processing in multiple environments.

  • Edge Cloud Collaboration: Dive into how eKuiper works in edge cloud scenarios, allowing you to process data efficiently, right where it's generated.
  • Edgex Foundry: Edgex Foundry, an open-source project, serves as a platform for IoT edge computing. Learn how eKuiper integrates with Edgex Foundry, enhancing its modular design with real-time stream processing.
  • Neuron Integration: Discover how eKuiper and Neuron collaboratively address IoT requirements. This section delves into Neuron's capabilities in device connection and data processing, highlighting how it pairs with eKuiper's stream processing.
  • KubeEdge: As Kubernetes impacts cloud computing, KubeEdge brings those benefits to edge computing. This section details how eKuiper works within the KubeEdge environment to facilitate real-time processing at the edge.
  • Integration with OpenYurt: OpenYurt simplifies the deployment and management of eKuiper. Explore how this integration ensures a more streamlined edge computing setup and management process.