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Random Source

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The source will generate random inputs with a specified pattern.

Compile & deploy plugin

# cd $eKuiper_src
# go build -trimpath --buildmode=plugin -o plugins/sources/ extensions/sources/random/random.go
# cp plugins/sources/ $eKuiper_install/plugins/sources

Restart the eKuiper server to activate the plugin.


The configuration for this source is $ekuiper/etc/sources/random.yaml. The format is as below:

  interval: 1000
  seed: 1
    count: 50
  deduplicate: 0

  interval: 100

  interval: 100
  deduplicate: 50

Global configurations

Use can specify the global random source settings here. The configuration items specified in default section will be taken as default settings for the source when running this source.


The interval (ms) to issue a message.


The maximum integer to be produced by the random function


The pattern to be generated by the source. In the above example, the pattern will be a json like {"count":50}


An int value. If it is a positive number, the source will not issue the messages which are duplicates of any of the previous 'deduplicate' length of messages. If it is 0, the source won't check for duplications. If it is a negative number, the source will check for duplicates over any previous messages. Do not use negative length if you have very large input data sets as all the previous data will be kept.

Override the default settings

If you have a specific connection that need to overwrite the default settings, you can create a customized section. In the previous sample, we create a specific setting named with test. Then you can specify the configuration with option CONF_KEY when creating the stream definition (see stream specs for more info).

Sample usage

demo (
  ) WITH (DATASOURCE="demo", FORMAT="JSON", CONF_KEY="ext", TYPE="random");

The configuration keys "ext" will be used.