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RedisPub action

The action is used for publishing output message into redis channel.


Property nameOptionalDescription
addressfalseThe address of Redis, e.g.,
usernametrueRedis login username (fill in if authentication is required)
passwordtrueRedis login password (fill in if authentication is required)
dbfalseThe Redis database, e.g., 0
channelfalseSpecifies the Redis channels to subscribe to.
compressiontrueCompresses the Payload using the specified compression method. Currently supports zlib, gzip, flate, zstd algorithms.

Other common sink properties are supported. Please refer to the sink common properties for more information.

Sample usage

The following is an example of publishing compressed data to a local Redis server.

    "address": "",
    "username": "default",
    "password": "123456",
    "db": 0,
    "channel": "exampleChannel",
    "compression": "zlib"

This example configuration is used to publish data to the "exampleChannel" channel in Redis and applies zlib compression.