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Zmq Sink

The sink will publish the result into a Zero Mq topic.

Compile & deploy plugin

# cd $eKuiper_src
# go build -trimpath --buildmode=plugin -o plugins/sinks/ extensions/sinks/zmq/zmq.go
# cp plugins/sinks/ $eKuiper_install/plugins/sinks

Restart the eKuiper server to activate the plugin.


Property nameOptionalDescription
serverfalseThe url of the Zero Mq server
topictrueThe topic to publish to

Other common sink properties are supported. Please refer to the sink common properties for more information.

Sample usage

Below is a sample for selecting temperature great than 50 degree, and publish the result into Zero Mq topic "temp".

  "sql": "SELECT * from demo where temperature>50",
  "actions": [
      "zmq": {
        "server": "tcp://",
        "topic": "temp"