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Redis Source Connector

lookup table source

eKuiper provides built-in support for looking up data in Redis. The Redis Source Connector allows eKuiper to ingest data from a Redis instance, enabling real-time stream processing based on Redis data. With its in-memory data structure store capabilities, Redis is a vital tool in many application data architectures. Integrating it with eKuiper stream processing expands the realm of possibilities for real-time analytics and decision-making.


Currently, the Redis source can only be used as a lookup table, while the RedisSub source can be used as both a streaming and scanning table data source,


Before using the Redis Source Connector, it's essential to configure the connection settings and other relevant parameters. Here are the available configuration options:

The configuration file for the Redis source is located at /etc/sources/redis.yaml.

  # the redis host address
  addr: ""
  # currently supports string and list only
  datatype: "string"
#  username: ""
#  password: ""

With this configuration, the table will refer to database 0 in the Redis instance at the address

Configuration Items

  • addr: This specifies the address of the Redis server, a string in the format hostname:port or IP_address:port.
  • datatype: This determines the type of data the connector should expect from the Redis key. Currently only string and list are supported.
  • username: The username for accessing the Redis server, only needed if authentication is enabled on the server.
  • password: The password for accessing the Redis server, only needed if authentication is enabled on the server.

Create a Lookup Table Source

To utilize the Redis Source Connector in eKuiper streams, define a stream specifying the Redis source, its configuration, and the data format.

You can define the Redis source as the data source either by REST API or CLI tool.


The REST API offers a programmatic way to interact with eKuiper, perfect for users looking to automate tasks or integrate eKuiper operations into other systems.


create table table1 () WITH (DATASOURCE="0", FORMAT="json", TYPE="redis", KIND="lookup");

More details can be found at Streams Management with REST API.


For users who prefer a hands-on approach, the Command Line Interface (CLI) provides direct access to eKuiper's operations.

  1. Navigate to the eKuiper binary directory:

    cd path_to_eKuiper_directory/bin
  2. Use the create command to define a stream for the Redis source connector:

    ./kuiper create stream neuron_stream ' WITH (DATASOURCE="0", FORMAT="json", TYPE="redis", KIND="lookup")'

More details can be found at Streams Management with CLI.