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LF Edge eKuiper - Lightweight data stream processing engine for IoT edge

LF Edge eKuiper is a lightweight IoT data analytics and stream processing engine running on resource-constraint edge devices. The major goal for eKuiper is to provide a streaming software framework (similar to Apache Flink) on the edge side. eKuiper's rule engine allows users to provide either SQL-based or graph-based (similar to Node-RED) rules to create IoT edge analytics applications within a few minutes.



  • Lightweight

    • The core server package is only about 4.5M, the memory footprint is about 10MB.
  • Cross-platform

    • CPU Arch:X86 AMD 32/64; ARM 32/64; PPC
    • Popular Linux distributions, OpenWrt Linux, MacOS and Docker
    • Industrial PC, Raspberry Pi, industrial gateway, home gateway, MEC edge cloud server
  • Data analysis support

    • Supports data ETL
    • Data order, group, aggregation and join with different data sources (the data from databases and files)
    • 60+ functions, including mathematical, string, aggregate and hash, etc.
    • 4 time windows and a count window
  • Highly extensible

    It supports extending at Source, Functions and Sink with Golang or Python.

    • Source: allows users to add more data sources for analytics.
    • Sink: allows users to send the analysis result to different customized systems.
    • UDF functions: allow users to add customized functions for data analysis (for example, AI/ML function invocation).
  • Management

  • Integration with EMQX products

    Seamless integration with EMQX, Neuron and NanoMQ, and provided an end-to-end solution from IIoT, IoV

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Learn about eKuiper and its fundamental concepts.

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Learn how to use eKuiper

Learn how to create and manage rules and how to modify configurations, etc.

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Learn how to develop custom extensions.

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