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Video Source

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The source will query video streams such as RTSP encoded stream by ffmpeg command to get images.

Compile & deploy plugin

# cd $eKuiper_src
# go build -trimpath --buildmode=plugin -o plugins/sources/ extensions/sources/video/video.go
# cp plugins/sources/ $eKuiper_install/plugins/sources
# cp plugins/sources/video.json $eKuiper_install/etc/sources
# cp plugins/sources/video.yaml $eKuiper_install/etc/sources

Restart the eKuiper server to activate the plugin.


The configuration for this source is $ekuiper/etc/sources/video.yaml. The format is as below:

  url: http://localhost:8080
  interval: 1000

  interval: 10000

  interval: 100

Global configurations

Use can specify the global video source settings here. The configuration items specified in default section will be taken as default settings for the source when running this source.


The url address for the video streaming.


The interval (ms) to issue a message.

Override the default settings

If you have a specific connection that need to overwrite the default settings, you can create a customized section. In the previous sample, we create a specific setting named with ext. Then you can specify the configuration with option CONF_KEY when creating the stream definition (see stream specs for more info).

Sample usage

demo (
  ) WITH (FORMAT="JSON", CONF_KEY="ext", TYPE="video");

The configuration keys "ext" will be used.